Description: “The mission of Animalia, Inc. is to engage and educate the public to further the appreciation,conservation and responsible care for natural habitats and all animals: native, exotic and domestic.”

“Animalia will achieve its mission through education about responsibility and conservation in the following ways: Education – We promote learning and appreciation through outreach programming by bringing a variety of animals to the public through educational presentations. Education materials are also provided as printed and internet resources. Responsibility – We encourage owners and care-takers to be responsible stewards of the animals in their care. We promote the provision of the healthiest lifestyle available through the basic understanding of animal behavior, providing enrichment for both mental and physical stimulation and through effective animal care techniques. Conservation – We support wildlife conservation efforts of threatened and endangered species by raising awareness through education and promoting the recovery efforts of these species. Through education and conservation efforts, we aspire to encourage all people to be conscientious supporters for the protection of species and their habitats.”


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