Portal to the Public Workshop Series

JANUARY-MARCH 2016, A COLLABORATION WITH CINSO AND SCIENCE CENTRALWorkshop-Series--Portal-to-the-Public with Central Indiana Science Outreach and Science Central Fort Wayne

Learn how to effectively communicate your research to an audience of all ages in a fun setting! Portal to the Public is a national program connecting researchers with science centers. In this workshop series, we will work with staff from Science Central in Fort Wayne to develop fun, interactive activities to share with visitors.

The workshop will be divided into four Saturday sessions plus a final event where we will share our activities with Science Central Visitors. Three sessions will take place in Indianapolis, and the final two events will be in Fort Wayne. Additionally, researchers will make arrangements with Science Central to bring their activities back later in the year.

We are also working with local centers including the Indiana State Museum to organize additional opportunities to share the activities. Participants can also practice their skills at Cafe Inquiry and additional CINSO activities.

This workshop series is open to 10-14 participants in total. Register below. Senior graduate students and laboratory staff, postdocs, and Principle Investigators are all welcome to apply.

Questions? Email info@cinsoindy.org


Saturday, January 23 10a-2p: Workshop 1, in person with Science Central staff, at Studio B (Map)

Saturday, February 6 12-2p: Workshop 2, interactive video conference, at Studio B

Saturday, February 13 12-2p: Workshop 3, interactive video conference, at Studio B

Saturday, February 27 11a-4p: Workshop 4, at Science Central

Sunday, March 20th 11a-4p: Presentation day, at Science Central

*Participants must be able to attend all sessions.