About Us

Central Indiana Science Outreach

Are you passionate about science and teaching others about the excitement of discovery and the importance of science literacy? Central Indiana Science Outreach is an informal meeting of people who want to educate the public about the impact of science in their lives. This group is open to anyone from science teachers, informal outreach organizers, advocates, and hobbyists who would like to share ideas and experiences, and increase communication and collaboration for what works and doesn’t work to get people excited about science in the Greater Indianapolis area.

Our Mission

Central Indiana Science Outreach connects science enthusiasts of all ages by promoting accessible science events and activities from around the Central Indiana region. Our growing network joins scientists, educators, and organizations in a collaborative atmosphere to foster science communication, appreciation, and fun


This is the direction we envision for this group. Some of these are big goals that will take time to reach, and I encourage any input and additional ideas from all participants.

  1. Share experiences and resources including what works or doesn’t work in Central Indiana
  2. Encourage collaboration between members/represented organizations
  3. Provide a source of information for individuals interested in participating in outreach
  4. Promote and Support the activities of members/represented organizations