The daVinci Pursuit

Description: “The daVinci Pursuit was founded in order to bring science education and cultural enrichment closer to the public. As we looked around the greater Indianapolis area, we realized there were many informal educational venues in the city focused on families and kids from pre-kindergarten through early elementary school. What was missing, were settings for the 11 to 34-year-old crowd; places and events where teens, college students, working singles and couples without children could experience art and science in low-cost or no-cost environments that appeal broadly across varied social and educational backgrounds.”

“The daVinci Pursuit explores how artistic installations and programs can promote community engagement in science thinking, irrespective of wealth or privilege. We believe that learning experiences without walls, or informal settings, provides unique opportunities where teens and young adults of varying cultures and backgrounds can explore art and science in a non-threatening environment, free from the expense, staffing and access issues presented by “building-centric” learning institutions.”


Keywords: outdoor, art, artistic, free