STARBASE Indiana – Indianapolis

Description: STARBASE is a STEM Academy in Indianapolis. During the school year we take underprivileged 5th grade classes. Over the summer we cater to students going into 5th grade thru going into 7th grade. We have a program called STARBASE that lets 5th graders interact with hands-on activities. Our goal is to motivate them to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as they continue their education.   *STARBASE focuses on elementary students. The academies target students that are historically under-represented in STEM. The program encourages students to set goals and achieve them. STARBASE Indiana will provide 25 hours of STEM curriculum at NO COST, which has been matched to Indiana Educational Standards as well as core curriculum requirements (This means our educational experience counts as a regular school day!). We will also provide all of the program materials and equipment as well as classroom space at the Stout Field National Guard Headquarters during this week of programming.

At STARBASE Indiana – Indianapolis, students participate in challenging “hands-on, mind-on” activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The academy provides students with 25 hours of stimulating educational experiences in rocketry, robotics, CAD programming, nanotechnology, physics and much, much more.