“Yeast research: from the bench to the brewery” – Matt Bochman @ Cafe Inquiry

PUBLIC LECTURE, September 21st, 7pm CENTER FOR INQUIRY, DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLISCafe Inquiry Matt Bochman Yeast Research Bench to the Brewery

CINSO and the Center for Inquiry of Indiana co-host the monthly lecture series “Cafe Inquiry.”



Matt Bochman got his PhD in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 and his been an Assistant Professor in the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department at Indiana University in Bloomington since 2013.  He’s been using yeasts as model organisms for 15 years to answer multiple biological questions.  More recently, he’s been putting his yeast expertise to work helping craft breweries and distilleries make their products even better.  He co-founded Wild Pitch Yeast LLC in 2015 to provide lab services and consulting to homebrewers and professionals alike.